November 2019

Hello Clark Residents:

The Annual Meeting was held on November 2nd.  There was a light turnout, but the meeting was an enjoyable one.  Rich Alberta stepped off the board and Jerry Hill was elected to fill his seat.  Many thanks to Rich for his service and to Jerry for stepping up to help.  All officers remained the same except for the Vice President, and Joe Kelleher now fills that post.

 The regular board meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7pm. Questions concerning the building, grounds, or policy should be directed to a Board Member prior to the monthly board meeting.  Positive and constructive comments and ideas as well as concerns will be addressed and welcomed.

The board members are: The Rec Center Coordinator is Nancy Woolard             
  • Don Tolman, President
  • Joe Kelleher, Vice President
  • Susan Hoffert, Secretary
  • Shirley Bentley, Treasurer
  • Jerry Hill, Director

Phone (307)250-9991 or (307)645-3282



Questions concerning rental of the building are addressed on the Reserve page of the website.

Current Projects Finished and Pending:

  • The roof has been repaired and sealed to stop further leaking.
  • New flooring will be installed by Line Creek Flooring in December.
  • The air intake for the furnace and air conditioning has been improved to be more efficient and quieter.
  • Shed roof was resurfaced.
  • The concession stand was improved with a new door and plumbing.

Projected Future Projects:

  • Construction of an outside pavilion
  • Landscaping
  • Memorial Benches
  • Overhead lights in the ladies' room
  • Handrails along the sidewalk