November 12, 2018


Hello Clark Residents:


This newsletter is designed to inform the community of on-going projects that your Board is undertaking. Volunteer activities will be posted monthly and information will be updated as necessary. The CPRC facility website is a great source of information. The calendar of events is kept current and all meeting minutes are posted under the "Board" tab.


Here is a quick review of the five board members:


Don Tolman, President  

Rich Alberta, Vice President

Susan Hoffert, Secretary 

Joe Kelleher, Director

Shirley Bentley, Treasurer   


Our Recreation Manager is Amy Bozell

Phone 253-332-1232




Questions concerning the building, the grounds, or policies should be directed to a Board Member at a monthly board meeting.  The meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7pm. Positive and constructive comments and ideas, as well as concerns, will be addressed and welcomed.


Questions concerning rental of the building should be directed to Amy Bozell, as well as reporting any problems or repairs needing immediate attention.


Current Board Projects


Repair of the heating system in the multi-purpose room and gym.

Aquiring quotes to repair/replace roof.

Acquiring quotes on the removal of skylights.

Acquiring quotes on replacing the ceiling tiles. 

Acquiring quotes on replacing the roof on the outdoor shed.

Requesting funding from Powell and Park County Recreation.

Researching fundraising companies. 

Meeting with flooring contractors for bids on the replacing the floors in the kitchen, common areas, and gym.


The Board has spent many hours this month on these projects listed above as well as transportation and fuel to pick up parts and deliver requests for quotes. 

Other November projects have included repairing an out of service toilet, replacing a toilet seat, repairing a bathroom slide bolt lock and replacing weather stripping on the gym doors. So far this November these projects have totaled just over 100 hours combined of our Board Member’s volunteered time.


Projected Future Projects


Construction of an outside pavilion

Memorial Benches

Fundraising Activities

Painting of the multi-purpose room

Painting in the gym


Overhead lights in the ladies room

Adding a wood and wallpaper border in the ladies room

Re-lamping the exit lights


Volunteers Needed:


On-call for plumbing, heating, electric, general maintenance.

Snow Removal, as needed.

Landscaping, weed removal, as needed.

Curb appeal, flower planters, watering, pruning, as needed.

Construction: on-going repairs inside and outside the building and in the parking lot, as needed.

Springtime painting.


This is your facility. Volunteers make a difference. However, paid contractors are also needed to tackle lengthy and difficult projects.

Your Board alone cannot accomplish all projects that the community would like to see completed without your volunteer efforts.


Volunteer recognition for November will be announced in December.


Thank you and have a great Clark day!